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Join the habitat powerfully designed to make ordinary lives more meaningful, mundane lifestyles more colourful and soulless living more impactful.

At a Glance

1. What is Club Experitas? 

Club Experitas ("CLUBx") is a chapter-based peer-to-peer, support and networking club which emphasizes on 3 strategic thrusts to help its members:

  • Knowledge Management through mentoring/coaching/training via digital interactive media and complementary on-site sessions managed by The Experitas Academy and facilitated by ULTRAx platform
  • Resources Management through productivity utility, collaborative tools and co-operation facilitated by ULTRAx platform
  • Opportunities Management through socio-economic initiatives, advocacy and affirmative action within an integrated digital environment of values-based networks managed by BAHTERA Initiatives facilitated by ULTRAx platform, partnered with Societus Limited

We support one another to solve personal problems through a private setting and group / community problems collectively through life optimization tools, support group discussions, collaborations and co-operations.

CLUBx builds ULTRAx digital platform to host and execute its programs. Experitas is a newly-coined word without any fixed meaning. However, to us, it means experiment, experience and expertise. We know. Rather than finding a word and try to fit our characteristics into it, we decided to use a strange word and put meanings into it.

2. What is our Intent?

We are committed to cultivate an integrated environment of values-based networks structured to bring about sustainable positive social impact to communities through the betterment of success-oriented problem-solvers, selfless contributors, changemakers and empowered individuals.

3. Why did we start it?

CLUBx founder, Achmad Fadzil, started the initiative because he feels that more can be done to achieve great things, and great things can ONLY be achieved if done together. The process of initiating success together does not start abruptly. It starts with building trusts and loyalty in something we mutually believe in. There are not many end-to-end platforms that focus on positivity, productivity and progress across the whole spectrum. Some appear separately. Most are disconnected.

Here at CLUBx, we focus on progress at multiple levels within the ecosystem - the self, the organization, the community. We want to eliminate vicious cycles in communities and replace them with our own version of virtuous cycles benefiting the same people in the community. And we want to do that in some form of a transformational process.

So we help the potential changemaker, for example, the aspiring social entrepreneur, by providing him with support and linking him with resources that enable him to achieve success. And then, through the same platform, he can empower others with his own initiatives, say, starting and leading his own mastermind groups.

4. What is so different about CLUBx?

CLUBx focus on digital innovation. It builds ULTRAx, a digital utility that hosts its own series of initiatives and implements them effectively online, either as the sole medium or as a supporting medium to real, existing working relationships.

We focus on holistic improvements. There are 14 elements of life and we want to grade them against our lifestyle patterns. We ask ourselves how fulfilled are our lives? In which area can we improve on? Many programs focus on just personal mastery, in career development or business. We focus on family, health, spirituality and much more.

We also want to focus on impact measurement in totality. For example, by providing social housing solutions, are we actually solving his housing needs but in the process, allow him to be greater in debt? Will his job be affected in the process? What can we do to improve his situation?

We also advocate socially enterprising characteristics in communities as a lifestyle attribute. We want individuals to perform good deeds not as a separate activity isolated from normal daily activities. Instead, we want good deeds incorporated in every daily activity. As an example, if we go shopping, we can buy the same type of goods from different stores. However, a responsible consumer will choose to buy from a store that supports needy entrepreneurs in home industries. Our platform hopes to provide such transparency and options to ethical consumers.

As a result, our activities will be much more meaningful because we know we impact the life of others every few minutes.

5. What activities can we find in CLUBx?

For a start, we are focusing on Mastermind-based activities, coaching, training and mentoring. We will introduce more features soon.

Our Mastermind 24/7 Series is actually a series of mastermind sessions that allow us to interact 24 hours a day without having to meet. Such flexibility is required in fast-paced environments. But participants can choose when to respond and everyone has a choice to participate in each of his or her own way. Participants have a chance to document conversations in our platform and we will not have to miss any useful information again. The interaction is structured, and past content can act as references. We will know where to look and get the right information quickly.

We will soon release our Personal Success Management System which will include sub-systems like Goals Management System, Scheduling, Character Management, Personal Brand Management and Integrated Support System (of which the Mastermind 24/7 Series is a part of).

We have already started planning for our Community Success Management System. Here, we work with existing organizations like research institutions and service providers to streamline the social service ecosystem. Our problem-based approach set the directions of our initiatives.

6. Who do you work with?

Everybody. We want to establish contact with trainers, coaches, mentors, people with the right experience and talents. We are looking for partners to be drivers and social entrepreneurs to lead the way in establishing their own setups. We work with social enterprise , NGOs and corporations with their own CSR departments. We work with learning institutions and businesses. We want to work with ethical consumers and responsible citizens. We are also looking for leaders with their own communities and mastermind groups to join us and use our platform.

7. How can I join CLUBx?

Just register on our Ux platform to be an Associate of CLUBx. If you would like to do more, do email us at Alamat email ini dilindungi dari robot spam. Anda memerlukan Javascript yang aktif untuk melihatnya..

ClubEX™ Impacteur is an integrated environment of values-based networks structured to bring about sustainable positive social impact to communities through the betterment of success-oriented problem-solvers, selfless contributors, changemakers and empowered individuals.

Relying on a blended digital platform where privacy-positive social interaction balance is emphasized, one can expect to improve their success-rate in achieving his or her goals in education, family relationship, business and many other aspects of life - in a caring, mentor-rich and supportive environment.

Ultimately, through our integrated domains, we advocate serving others as part of our lifestyle - in our every action even as we eat, drink, learn, apply our knowledge - not something that is separate and distinct. We use multiple approaches to achieve our objectives.

An example is the IMPACTIVE approach (Intelligence-based Mutual Progress through Advocacy, Consumption, Trade, Investments, Ventures and Ethiconomics). In another instance, our members collectively identify potential service gaps that may hinder social mobility and facilitate collaborative problem-solving using digital means and beyond.


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