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    A solution re-attempted in a different way.

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Mission Statement


Our vision, mission and goals determine the direction towards our successes, and our values dictate how we achieve them.


We solve our problems based on the following approach - to empower the giver first, so that he or she is equipped enough to empower the receiver.

Featured: WAREIS


 An impact lifestyle club that contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 

successfully, consistently and sustainably.


Approaches ClubEx

Strategic Thrusts

Universal Growth

The platform must facilitate holistic and balanced growth as individuals, families and communities with the intention of benefiting others consistently and sustainably - as individuals and as one empowered, smart society.

Integrated Digital Utility

The platform must host a suite of online tools designed to support real initiatives, collaborative and cooperative development programmes and impact enterprises in areas of community engagement, programme execution and management, and impact measurement, to solve underlying problems.

Immersive Transformation

The platform must advocate impact awareness through behaviour modification - refining habits, culture and lifestyle in a supportive club environment, and creating an ecosystem that drives sustainable efforts to surpass sustainable development goals, through impact consumption, trade, investment, venture and ethical economics.

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